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Get to Know Us

Our stylists and therapist

Stylist Toyosi who is also the proprietress of the salon. Taking over the salon 5 years ago she turned it around, with fab new decor and the latest Hairstyles and Treatment. Toyor is passionate about haircare and styles such as Wedding hairstyles, weaves, colour, haircut, styling etc; she also makes jewelries,bracelets,hand bags, clutch purse etc with beads in different types,colours and shapes. so she makes sure Toyorstyles is always up to date with the latest hairstyles, hair treatments, body treatment and beads. Having been interested in the hair and beauty industry since her teens, Toyor initially trained as a Marketer, but realised hairdressing and beauty was her true love. Toyor discovered her warm personality and love of all things trendy brought lots of clients back to her hair-styling station. Since taking over Toyorstyles Toyor has made lots of changes, introducing advanced hairstyles and beauty, training people on how to do hair and beads making, bringing in some amazing brands and making friends with lots of new clients! Make sure you book any kind of, weaves, haircut and colour with Toyor, she wonderful in styling wedding hairstyles, make-up and beads!

Karina is another of Toyorstyles exceptional hairstylists. She is very good at styling hair. Karina has just come back to work in the salon, after years of living in Dominican Rebublic. Having trained in hairdressing Karina is keen to introduce a new ranges of plaits and styling into the salon, so if you feel the need for elegant hair styling for extra special occassions book in with Karina for elegant styling and make-up!